With offices in both Los Angeles and South Florida, we produce and co-produce content ranging from feature films, docu-series, reality and episodic television, music videos and more for distribution outlets such as Amazon, A+E Network, FYI Network, Discovery Channel and various national cable television outlets and streaming services.

Our professionals create compelling content for domestic and global distribution here in-house. For co-productions, we have a full suite of production services ranging from producing, directing, editing, development,  staffing,  and more.



We have a staff of Producers able to bring any project to completion. Feature films, TV pilots and episodes, reality/docuseries and more.


All equipment is state-of-the-art hi-definition acquisition in a variety of formats from manufacturers such as RED, ARRI and SONY.


Jerico has produced films featured on Amazon and multiple film festivals, as well as episodic projects for various national cable channels.

  • IN DEVELOPMENT - Influenced by the iconic sci-fi hero, Buck Rogers, 2491 tells the tale of an astronaut, who after being thrust forward in time, returns to an Earth far different that the one he left behind. 2491 will tell  the story of an individual who suddenly looses everything and...
  • Season 1 began airing weekly on the FYI Network April 3, 2019 and will be available on Amazon starting September 24th, 2019! Season 2 beginning production soon! With the ever increasing popularity of country music and the country lifestyle, the website, a member of the Country Music Association (CMA's)...
  • Welcome to Shadowglade, a sleepy little backwoods Florida town full of Southern charm, lush forests, quaint little mom-and-pop shops... and an occasional vampire, werewolf, witch, demons and a supernatural-hunting priest.   Ethan Cain is a vampire; Alex Lycos is a werewolf; and Erica Scott is a witch. Together, they fight...
  • AIRING ON DISCOVERY LIFE  Sept. 26,2019 @ 8PM Fat City is a health related Docu-series, created and produced by Browning Productions & Entertainment,  in association with members of our staff. The audience will follow Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Jacobs, & other weight loss specialists as they transform lives though weight loss solutions. Each...
  • IN DEVELOPMENT - Twisted History explores little known historical events... but with a "twist"! Humans, by nature, have a curiosity of the past. Not only our own personal pasts, but others as well. People, places, the things they do and how they did them all make up “history”, and the...



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