High Weirdness
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Ever since the dawn of time, humans have experienced strange events, occurrences, sightings and experiences and these have been recorded in writings, folklore, drawings, depictions and as of recently film, video and audio equipment. Many have been born right here in America and “high weirdness” events are still occurring at a constant pace. Ghosts, UFO’s, lost planes and ships, witchcraft, unexplained anomalies, sightings of various crypto-zoological animals and more are constantly still appearing with no sign of letting up.

Join three retired police officers as they turns their seasoned investigative skills away from investigating criminal activity to investigating paranormal activity. With a combined total of 65+ years of law enforcement experience, the trio goes in search of UFO’s, crypto zoological animals such as Skunk Ape and Big Foot, surveillance ops of the infamous Area 51 and more. Tag along on ghost hunts, chase down the Lubbock Lights and Bear Mountain Lights and other phenomenon, go in search of real life vampires, witches and voodoo, investigate past lives via regression therapy and delve into life after death just to name a few.

From psychics to séances, everything is fair game. Not only will historic events be looked at, but recent ones as well, such as the UFO over Wright Patterson Air Force Base. And what about those elusive Men In Black or the Black Knight satellite, which is thought to be over 13,000 years old? And what is going on in Stull Cemetery? Nothing is off limits.